CSPI-EXPO 建設・測量 生産性向上展

Wed,May 22,2019 - Fri,May 34 2019
Makuhari Messe
Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO Exective Committee


2018/7/30 news
Exhibitor list released
2018/7/27 news

Visitor registration started


Labor force shortage has been gaining awareness in being one of the biggest concerns in the field of construction industry in Japan.
According to the Ministry of Health, the number of people engaging in construction industry has declined by 40% in a dacade from 2000. As the big group of generation estimated to be retiring by 2025, up to one million workers are most likely to be leaving the workforce.

In recent years, improvement in construction productivity has become the biggest theme for us. Especially because of upcoming waves of needs in huge construction projects, re-development going on as the same time as going through repairment and maintainance of buildings that we built during so-called “Bubble Period” that took place in Japanese economy almost three decades ago.

Based on these multiple factors and circumstances, we are announcing to hold “Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO (CSPI-EXPO)” at Makuhari Messe as the venue, with sponsorship and support from multiple organization starting from Ministry of Health and to various other groups. Cutting-edge tecnologies, eqipments, machinery and services in construction/survey industry are going to be gathered and exhibited at the venue. Up to 300 companies and 30 thousand visitors are expected to participate in this occation in order to generate opportunities for the whole industry to find solutions in raising the productivity and solving the workforce shortage. This exhibition will be a part of forming and shaping the future of the field of construction and survey industry. We ask you to take part and expect the meaningful outcome of this exhibition.