CSPI-EXPO 建設・測量 生産性向上展

Wed,May 22,2019 - Fri,May 34 2019
Makuhari Messe
Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO Exective Committee

FAQs about the exhibition

Q1. Where could I get the brochures and application?

A1:Please request for the brochures and application through this website.
>>Free online application here for brochures

Q2. How should I proceed with the appication for the exhibition?

A2:Please make a request through this website or directly call the exective office.
>>Free online application here for brochures

Q3. Is there a due date for the application?

A3:Application will be closed as soon as we run out of space for exhibition.
Please contact the exective office for any questions and inquieries.

Q4. How much does it approximately cost in participating as an exhibitor?

A4:It depends on the size of the exhibition booth and the content of the products.
Following expenses should be expected;

  1. -Exhibition cost (Fee for the exhibition space)
  2. -Construction cost (Fee for equipments needed and preparing the booth)
  3. -Others (Fee for preparing the catalogs and leaflets)

Q5. Is there a package including decoration of the booth(s)?

A5:There is a useful package plan offered if needed. It includes all construction / installation / equipments that takes care of electrical construction. This package includes removal work of the booth after when exhibition period is over, so that the exibitors can come and leave with only taking care of the actual products that they are planning of exhibiting. Please contact the exective office for details.
Also, when in need of special decoration, please contact Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd. , an advertising agency with nation wide network in Japan.

Q6. Is it allowed to distribute leaflets and samples in the exhibition hall?

A6:Distribution for promotion is only allowed inside of the own booth(s).