CSPI-EXPO 建設・測量 生産性向上展

Wed,May 22,2019 - Fri,May 34 2019
Makuhari Messe
Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO Exective Committee

Supporting programs for exhibitors

In order for you to enhance the maximum business opportunities, we have prepared multiple supporting programs for exhibitors.

  1. Useful seminars for exhibitors to enlarge the sales during the exhibition

    We are asking the exhibitors to gather three month before the exhibiton at the exective committee, to participate in a lecture. In the lecture we’re planning to propose various methods and know-hows to back up the enlargement of your sales during the exhibition.

  2. VIP special invitation system

    In order for you to make sure to bring important / potential clients to your booth to have as many business chances as possible, we have prepared VIP special invitation system that is expected to be extremely effective.

    VIP special invitation system

    VIP Benefit 1Easy entrance for the VIPs

    ①Entrance registration
    VIPs with special invitation can smoothly proceed with the entrance registration separately done from the normal visitors

    VIP Benefit 2VIP Lounge

    During the exhibition, there will be a disignated VIP Lounge for the visitors with VIP badge in the exhibition hall. Beverages and snacks are prepared at the lounge that exhibitors and clients can use the lounge for meetings and breaks.

  3. Invitation tickets

    Free invitation tickets will be provided by the exective office, that exhibitors can distribute to the clients to promote and attract customers.

  4. Registration to the “Exhibitors / Products Search” System

    The searching system of exhibitors and products involved with the CSPI – EXPO will be released one month in advance to the exhibiton. Many users are expected to access to the information through this searching system, that will generate effective promotion not only throughout the exhibition period but also after the event.