May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe

Taguchi Create

Basic information

Indoor booth number: E-30
Outdoor booth number: O-11

Exhibited products and services

Mag-Gon Gazira Shredder

No electrical wiring required! The definitive edition of small mugs

Equipped with a hydraulic power generation magnet "Mag Gon" (PAT.P) that does not require electrical wiring. While the conventional type requires modifications such as electrical wiring to the excavator body, the Mag Gon does not require any customization. Magnet work can be performed immediately after installation, regardless of the main body hydraulic excavator. No additional battery or generator required. It has a higher adsorption force than a battery-type magnet, and can efficiently collect rebars generated by splitting work.

Gudzilla small splitting machine

Light weight and high power! Taguchi's ever-evolving shredder

The large in-house manufactured cylinder is an original design that stores the rod part inside the main body. It is possible to work without worrying about damage to the rod. The low-vibration work reduces the burden on the operator, and the standard-equipped speed-enhancing valve that increases the extension (closing) speed of the cylinder improves work efficiency. Active in various scenes such as demolition sites, scrap, road repair work, and general civil engineering sites.

one catch

Mechanical one-touch coupler "One Catch"

No more need to insert the mounting pin of the attachment! A mechanical one-touch coupler that allows you to easily attach and detach attachments. Firmly fix the attachment with the dial type W lock mechanism. A hydraulic "One Catch" that can be attached and detached without getting off the cabin will be released soon.