May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: I-80
Outdoor booth number: O-17

Exhibited products and services

ICT hydraulic excavator

Hitachi Construction Machinery's ICT hydraulic excavator is equipped with "Solution Linkage® Assist", a machine control function unique to Hitachi Construction Machinery. Real-time semi-automatic control of machine front (boom, arm, bucket) according to values. By providing ICT hydraulic excavators that can work efficiently without over-digging the target construction surface, we can maintain construction quality even in situations where there is a labor shortage and a decrease in skilled operators, and improve productivity and safety. contribute to the improvement of

Solution Linkage

Hitachi Construction Machinery provides ICT/IoT solution "Solution Linkage" that solves customer issues of "improved safety", "improved productivity" and "reduced lifecycle costs" together with customers.
Solution Linkage makes proposals based on AHS solutions, mine operation management solutions, ICT construction solutions, and service solutions ConSite®, utilizing open innovation technology that fuses expert technology with business partners.

ZX40U-5B PAT blade 3DMC (full rotation)

"ZX40U-5B PAT Blade 3DMC (Full Rotation)" is equipped with devices such as sensors and controllers to automatically move the PAT blade in real time according to 3D design data based on machine position information obtained from the TS reference station. It controls and assists efficient work in finishing the construction target surface.
A single machine can do the work that was conventionally done by shoveling and leveling the ground. In addition, machine control technology automatically controls the height and slope of the blade based on the difference with the ground data.