May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: G-72

Exhibited products and services

Dual-frequency GNSS equipped PPK compatible aero robot AS-MC03-PPK

[Scheduled to be released in June 2022]
Installation of control points (ground-to-air signals) is unnecessary*, contributing to a significant reduction in work load.

A dual-frequency GNSS module is directly integrated into the fuselage to store positioning data in real time with higher accuracy than ever before. After the flight, it can be linked with the image analysis cloud "Aerobo cloud" and can be processed smoothly from PPK positioning to image analysis.

*It is necessary to install two verification points.

[Main features]
□ In-house flight controller, in-house designed aircraft, domestic production for peace of mind
□ 2-frequency GNSS receiver + 3-axis gimbal high-performance camera linkage
□ PPK (post-processed kinematic) positioning calculates aircraft position with high accuracy
□ The number of ground control points can be reduced, simplifying on-site work.
□ Automate and speed up everything from PPK positioning to 3D modeling in cooperation with Aero Robo Cloud
□ Provide maintenance and support services for safe and long-term use

Photogrammetry drone "Aerobo" AS-MC03

Developed based on two years of practical experience in surveying work. This model boasts a wealth of survey results among Aerosense's photogrammetry aircraft.

Automatic takeoff and landing and autonomous flight are possible, and it is possible to automatically generate flight routes (overlap 80%, sidelap 60%) according to i-Construction* regulations. It was developed with the aim of being able to be used safely in the field, combining dustproof, waterproof, and windproof performance.
Even those who are not familiar with drone operation can achieve stable and high-precision photogrammetry.

[Main features]
□ In-house flight controller, in-house designed aircraft, domestic production for peace of mind
□ A high-performance camera with an APS-C size image sensor and interchangeable lenses, ideal for surveying
□ Image embedding of GPS information required for 3D modeling
□ Automating camera and route settings in accordance with i-Construction standards
□ Safe and easy operation of fully autonomous flight even for beginners
□ Robust waterproof, dustproof, and windproof performance for on-site operation
□ Provide maintenance and support services for safe and long-term use

"Aerobot survey 2.0" compatible models
* i-Construction is a registered trademark of the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Topcon/Sokia TS Tracking UAS Dedicated Aerobo AS-MC03-TS

Simultaneously reduce the installation work cost of anti-aircraft signals and achieve the measurement accuracy of the i-Construction standard

The camera prism adapter attached to the side of the camera is a Topcon total
Automatically track from the station and directly measure the camera position. attached to the fuselage
The time data of the shutter logger and the time data recorded by the total station are
By matching, it is possible to calculate highly accurate location information.

[Main features]
□ In-house flight controller, in-house designed aircraft, domestic production for peace of mind
□ Stable measurement accuracy that meets i-Construction standards
□ Installation and measurement of ground control points are unnecessary. Significant simplification of on-site work efficiency*1
□ Supports various sites such as disaster sites where it is difficult to set control points
□ Operation of fully autonomous flight that is safe and easy without piloting

*1 It is necessary to set up an adjustment point and a verification point to check the accuracy.
*In order to use this product, it is necessary to install Topcon's "TS Tracking UAS Photogrammetry System".
*You cannot purchase the aircraft alone.

GNSS-equipped anti-aircraft beacon Aero Robo Marker

High-precision GNSS-equipped anti-aircraft beacon for drones.
Adopts static positioning, which is the most accurate measurement method in GNSS positioning. The position of the sign is measured with an accuracy of about 1 cm just by placing it.
Small, lightweight and easy to install. It also contributes to labor saving on site.

[Main features]
□ Anti-aircraft beacon with built-in GNSS satellite radio receiver
□ Easy operation, just set up and turn on the power
□ Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
□ GNSS positioning accuracy about 1cm
□ Can be used as a surveying instrument
□ Works with mobile apps

"Aerobot survey 2.0" compatible models

Image analysis cloud service Aero Robo Cloud

Survey calculation and image analysis service with easy setting and high speed processing.

You can start image analysis processing with simple settings.
Since it runs on a web browser, it can be used anytime, anywhere from a browser. The same screen can be viewed by multiple people, and analysis results can be easily shared.
Using the latest CPUs and GPUs on the cloud in parallel, it is more overwhelming than a high-performance local machine
realized high-speed processing.
In addition to Aerosense drones and aerobomarkers, it is possible to analyze images taken by third-party drones and general anti-aircraft signs for surveying.

[Main features]
□ Remote work and easy sharing of analysis results
□ Parallel computation using the latest GPU for ultra-high-speed image analysis processing
□ Various aerial images and anti-aircraft signs can be processed
□ Supports many deliverables

"Aerobot survey 2.0" compatible models