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Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: B-61
Department in charge: Innovation Division
Zip code: 460-0003
Location: AT Building, 3-7-14 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
TEL: 052-950-7500

Exhibited products and services

Large scale 3D point cloud editing tool -WingEarth-

"Large-scale 3D point cloud editing tool WingEarth" automates the work that used to take a huge amount of time and effort by using "3DPCP", which is uniquely equipped with a high-speed 3D point cloud processing function. increase. Equipped with one-click automatic object recognition and edge extraction functions (patented), the world's top-class point cloud processing function has been realized. It is possible to use 3D point cloud processing as a familiar technology for civil engineering, survey design, survey work, buildings and cultural assets, public infrastructure and disaster research, and greatly improve work efficiency. We also handle deliverables such as soil volume calculations, heat map creation, and a summary table for quality judgments that are compatible with i-Construction.
[Three points of WingEarth]
(1) Dramatically accelerate point cloud editing work: The unique 3D point cloud processing function supports high-speed processing of large-capacity point clouds.
(2) Freely control dimensions and coordinate systems: Maximize the use of 3D point clouds. 2D and 3D data can be freely produced considering mathematical and geodetic coordinate axes.
3. Active in multiple industries beyond barriers: You can use it without limiting your work or purpose.

3D Measuring Equipment -3D Laser Scanner/MMS-

As an agent of Mitsubishi Electric, Aisan Technology sells and supports Mitsubishi MMS in Japan. We have many MMS in-house, and based on the know-how we have cultivated over many years of many measurement results, we provide strong support from measurement to software processing and maintenance with a thorough support system from introduction to operation.
[Service overview]
(1) Market expansion: Established and operated the "MMS Study Group" for the purpose of creating the MMS market and revitalizing the industry market, promoting the use of MMS and contributing to the creation of the MMS market.
(2) Measurement service: We have several Mitsubishi MMS, and we provide vehicles that match the application and develop measurement services using MMS.
(3) MMS sales and introduction support: We sell MMS measurement equipment as a Mitsubishi Electric MMS agent. We have a complete support system that covers everything from operation support after introduction to maintenance.
④ Development and sales of various software: We develop and sell various applications necessary for MMS data processing. We provide products that meet various needs, such as point cloud editing and adjustment tools, digital plotting systems, and data viewing systems.

3D business support service

In the "3D survey work support service", (1) I don't know where to start preparing for 3D work. (2) I want to try 3D surveying easily (3) I want to respond to 3D results, but I don't know what to prepare. 3D laser scanners are expensive. We will solve the problems of those who want to work on 3D work. It is a service that allows you to start 3D work from the day you undertake the work.
<Three points>
[Improve work efficiency] The "Large-scale 3D point cloud editing tool WingEarth", which leads to a significant improvement in work efficiency, makes work that used to take a huge amount of time and effort surprisingly smooth.
[Short-term availability] Available from 1 month. You can use it only as long as you need it. As an option, you can use the necessary equipment and services such as a 3D scanner and a configured computer.
[Utilization for various tasks in various industries] You can use it for any purpose, such as surveying, construction, civil engineering, and quality inspection.

MMS (Mobile Mapping System) Measurement Service

[We will respond to your needs from measurement to creation of results]
Aisan Technology owns multiple units of various types of MMS (mobile mapping systems), and employs highly experienced professional staff to provide measurement services using MMS that meet customer needs. In addition to point cloud data, reports and viewers as results, we also support secondary processing such as plotting. Please feel free to contact us for quotation requests.
[Example of deliverables] ~ We will respond to inquiries. ~
(1) MMS original data (2) Driving trajectory (KML, SHP) (3) Point cloud data (monochrome/color with reflection luminance, LAS, CSV) (4) Viewer (redistributable) (5) Form (accuracy control table) (5) CAD data (plan view/longitudinal view/ Cross-sectional view, etc.) * At the time of plotting
[Examples of measurement orders] Surveying current conditions in common utility trench construction for removing utility poles, finished shape management in cutting overlays, surveying current conditions in detailed road improvement design, cadastral surveys, etc.

Surveying equipment general market GEOMARKET

GEOMARKET supports the business of the surveying and construction industry by comprehensively developing services related to surveying instruments, centered on the "3R service" of reuse, repair, and rental.
[GEOMARKET 3R Service] GEOMARKET provides a one-stop service for reusing, renting, and repairing surveying instruments distributed in Japan.
① REUSE (Purchase and sale of used surveying equipment) Achieve a high price! Reliable price by web sales!
②Reliable inspection and repair by REPAIR (surveying equipment repair and inspection) certified mechanic!
③ RENTAL (surveying equipment rental) We have a special 3D measuring instrument! Recommended for those who want to try a 3D measuring instrument.