May 22nd (Wednesday), 23rd (Thursday), 24th (Friday), 2024


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Basic information

Indoor booth number: N-11

Exhibited products and services

TDOT 3 GREEN, a green laser scanner system for drones

A purely domestic system designed, developed and assembled in Japan
Easy for anyone, ultra-compact/ultra-light all-in-one package
TDOT 3 GREEN is a drone-mounted laser scanner system that uses green light that is not easily absorbed by water.
Drone shoots laser at 60,000 pulses per second towards the ground.
3D data can be acquired with a simple flight that anyone can do.
You can create 3D models of rain-soaked ground, riverbeds, and shallow seabeds that could not be measured before.

Pure domestic hybrid drone "GLOW"

Blending engineering and design without compromise
The supreme domestic hybrid drone that was born
Robust enough to withstand harsh usage environments, weight reduction essential for payloads, long flight times of over 6 hours,
Calculated air resistance and weight balance for stable flight, handling performance considering long-distance transportation,
The supreme domestic hybrid drone is born here.
High performance and comfortable handling performance relieve pilot stress.
Here is the peace of mind unique to domestic production and the completed performance.