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Indoor booth number: D-64

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On-site kneading production equipment and quality control system DMCsystem “Dokodemo Concrete”

The DMC method is an on-site kneading manufacturing device and quality control system that can ensure concrete quality by recording traceability details and confirming evidence for on-site kneading concrete that does not have JIS standards.

(1) The material ratio is set by entering the abbreviated code, and full-automatic manufacturing is started only by selecting the mixing amount.
(2) It is possible to manufacture in increments of 0.01㎥, and it is possible to manufacture only the required quantity regardless of whether it is on a remote island, in a mountainous area, or day or night.
(3) The compact size (2.0m x 4.0m) can be mounted on medium-sized vehicles and can be easily moved.
(4) You can easily check the details of the measured values and check the comparison using the dedicated app.
⑤It can be used for special compounding (non-separation in water, sulfuric acid resistance, light weight, heavy weight, etc.), recycled aggregate (blast furnace slag material and recycled RC material), porous concrete and pavement construction.