May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: F-18

Exhibited products and services

DX-site / SumiROBO / GyroEye HoloTS+

Cloud measurement management system [DX-site] Supports conversion to DX at construction sites! Real-time unified management of automatic collimation TS, scanning TS, inclinometer, and various sensor measurement data. Measurement data can be viewed in the cloud on a PC or smartphone from any location via a browser. You can also check the local real-time situation with weather sensors and webcams. In addition, by linking with Cork Plus, 4D management is also possible.
Automatic marking robot [SumiROBO] Improving productivity at construction sites with robots! Accurate and high-precision marking based on drawing data has been achieved automatically by linking with Topcon LN-100/LN-150. In consideration of safety, it is also possible to detect obstacles and set prohibited areas. Since the robot is operated with a tablet, it can be used even by those who have no experience of marking.
[GyroEye HoloTS+] Further utilization of MR technology at construction sites! MR/AR technology "GyroeyeHolo" linked with automatic tracking TS technology. By linking with auto-tracking TS, Hololens' position information can be acquired, and the model position can be stabilized and spatial recognition accuracy can be improved.