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Basic information

Indoor booth number: K-12
Zip code: 543-0045
Location: 2-2-10-2F Teradacho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL: 06-6777-6528

Exhibited products and services

RTK app [GeoDiveExa]

[iPhone app GeoDive Exa]
By linking and saving location information with an error of 2 cm and photos and texts
Complete photo editing on site.
You can prevent forgetting to take a picture by placing a save/work mark on the saved location information on the map.

It was released on the APP STORE at the end of last year as an app that can be operated without specialized knowledge.

[GeoDiveExa management tool]

[GeoDiveExa management tool]
The location information saved by the app is managed on the cloud server.
It is a management software that can be linked with CAD, GIS, and original software.
CAD and GIS coordinate information can be exchanged bi-directionally,
You can set the target position in the application and automate it to CAD.

The image will be the one that carried out the utility pole survey.

iPhone GPS app [GeoDiveExa]

It is an application for customers who want to associate location information with photo/text information, but do not need high-precision location information.
It can also be linked with [GeoDiveExa management tool].

[Patented] Surveying device, surveying method and program

We obtained a patent to replace surveyed position information with GAD and GIS.