May 22nd (Wednesday), 23rd (Thursday), 24th (Friday), 2024



Basic information

Indoor booth number: L-64

Exhibited products and services

Mobile Filtration Unit/MFU-10P

The Mobile Filtration Unit/MFU is a portable service unit used for filling hydraulic systems, flushing small hydraulic systems and cleaning offline. Solid particle contamination and free water are removed by filter elements.
The MFU can also be fitted with a CS1000/Contamination Sensor. Solid particle contamination in oil can then be monitored simultaneously. Cleanliness results are displayed in grades according to ISO, SAE or NAS.
・Improve service life of components and system filters
・Extension of oil service life
・Extension of operating rate
・Simple operation
・Compact design
・With dry running protection
・Option: CS1000 enables continuous monitoring of oil cleanliness during cleaning


The HIT1500 measuring system is a single or dual axis measuring system for tilt detection in the horizontal plane. The HIT1500 family has been specially developed for tilt detection in dynamic systems.
The tilt signal is calculated algorithmically based on a 3-axis accelerometer using MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) technology.
The gyro-corrected tilt signal is calculated by combining two physically independent acceleration and gyro signals.
In addition to tilt signals, acceleration and angular velocity values are also obtained in all three spatial axes.
Application developers are provided with greater degrees of freedom so that they can be used for control process optimization of machine controls.
・Gyro-corrected tilt measurement with various built-in sensors
・High responsiveness, high accuracy, temperature compensation
・Various signal outputs (static tilt, dynamic compensation tilt, acceleration: 3 axes, angular velocity: 3 axes)
・Functional safety SIL2 (EN 61508), PL d (ISO 13849)
・Functional safety structure conforming to Category 2 or 3 (ISO 13849) is also possible.
・E13 certification for road vehicles

Fluid Control Unit/FCU1000 series

The Fluid Control Unit/FCU1000 series is a product that combines the measuring technology of the contamination sensor CS1000 with the portable characteristics of the FCU2000 series.
The FCU 1000 is a portable unit that is easy to carry and can be used for on-site cleanliness measurements in hydraulic systems.
・Supports up to 350㎟/s oil.
・Measurement method
- Bottle sampling analysis and sampling from tanks, etc.
- online from the control circuit
- online from the high voltage circuit
・Cleanliness class ISO, SAE or NAS
・Built-in aqua sensor AS1000
・Hydraulic system
・Mobile hydraulic service

Portable Data Recorder/HMG4000

The HMG4000 Handheld Measuring Unit is a portable measuring and data recording device. It was mainly developed to measure all values related to hydraulic systems such as pressure, temperature, flow and position. Furthermore, it is very adaptable when measuring other values.
The main application is repair, maintenance or test equipment.
・Large screen, full-color 5.7 inch touch screen
・8 analog, 2 digital sensors and 28 HCSI sensors can be recorded at once through CAN bus
・Up to 100 measurement channels can be drawn at the same time
・Fast measurement speed, up to 8 sensors at a time, measuring in 0.1ms
-Automatic sensor detection for quick and automatic device configuration
・Analog input 0..20mA, 4..20mA Voltage 0..50V, -10..10V
・PT 100/1000 input
・Connect to CAN bus system (and J1939)