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Kensetsu System

Basic information

Indoor booth number: F-10
Department in charge: Sales Promotion Support Section, Sales Planning Department
Zip code: 417-0862
Location: 312-1 Ishizaka, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone: 570200787

Exhibited products and services

Shooting and distribution system specialized for remote presence "Remote presence SiTELive (site live)"

"Remote Rinjo SiTELive" is a shooting and distribution system that allows you to check the presence of the construction site without being present.
If the contractor has a smartphone, it is possible to distribute and record with simple operations. The orderer can check on the PC without being present at the construction site. This eliminates the need for on-site inspections, reducing adjustment and travel time.
With specifications that comply with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Trial Guidelines for Remote Presence at Construction Sites (Draft)", it can be used safely in public works.
Since it is possible to manage each inspection item of "material confirmation", "step confirmation", and "confirmation/attendance", which are the target inspections for remote on-site inspections, confirmation and management by both the ordering party and the ordering party are easy. By transferring the electronic small blackboard from the box, the orderer can check the electronic small blackboard on the delivery destination screen and perform the inspection.
Inspection images are automatically recorded in the cloud and saved in our cloud service "KS Data Bank". In addition, by linking with the construction information sharing system, inspection results registered with "Remote Real-Time SiteLive" can be reflected in proposal documents.

Surveying terminal app that realizes smart construction "Kaisoku Navi Adv (advance)"

It is a surveying terminal app that dramatically improves the efficiency of site positioning and observation work, and realizes next-generation high-quality smart construction.
Intuitive and smooth navigation functions that can be operated not only by technicians but also by field workers, realize faster work than ever before.
The patented "anywhere navigation" is an innovative function that generates and displays the cross-sectional shape of the current position in real time and allows you to locate the crossing point anywhere!
With "Standing anywhere", you can set the stake while checking the horizontal separation, observation point length, vertical separation, vertical separation, etc. in real time by locking the survey point. This is a function for engineers who can carry out aligning calculations even with a default cross section or an arbitrary cross section.
In addition, it also supports GNSS surveying instruments. You can connect to TOPCON and SOKKIA GNSS surveying instruments and use each function of Kaisoku Navi with the values measured by GNSS. Both RTK and network RTK observation methods are supported.

Integrated model creation software for BIM/CIM "SiTE-NEXUS"

A new BIM/CIM compatible product has appeared in the INNOSiTE series!
"SiTE-NEXUS" supports input of various file formats, and can easily create an integrated model compatible with BIM/CIM.
Interference checks are also supported, and an integrated model can be utilized according to the time axis through 3D illustration placement and 4D simulation.
Since HTML file output is possible, 3D models can be viewed with a general web browser. If the HTML file is received by construction workers and orderers who do not own the software, the integrated model of SiTE-NEXUS can be viewed and shared, and can be used as a communication tool between construction workers.

3D structure model creation "SiTE-STRUCTURE"

INNOSiTE series 3D structure modeling software "SiTE-STRUCTURE" is BIM/CIM support software specialized for modeling civil engineering structures.
Solid models can be created with simple operations. Accurate structural modeling is achieved using order drawings. In addition, it supports various output formats and backs up viewing and sharing of BIM/CIM models.

Realization of construction DX with digital twin "KENTEM-CONNECT"

"KENTEM-CONNECT" is a new platform for browsing and sharing 3D data that runs on a browser.
Connect the surveying terminal and the cloud, and connect the 3D data on the PC (server space) and the construction site (physical space) in real time.
Basic design data XML, BIM/CIM structural model IFC, LandXML, etc. saved in our cloud service "KS Data Bank" can be displayed in 3D with a browser.
In addition, you can monitor the measurement status by linking with our survey terminal app "Kaisoku Navi Adv", and you can also check it on the screen of "Remote Rinjo SiteLive". During the remote presence, we will share the 3D data and measurement values used as design data along with the distributed video to support non-face-to-face work styles.
A new, unprecedented platform that shares 3D data with a browser that does not depend on the environment will realize a "new normal" way of working.