May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe

NCH Japan

Basic information

Indoor booth number: H-76

Exhibited products and services

prima lube

Industrial aluminum complex grease suitable for high loads, high loads and harsh operating environments

We avoid troubles such as equipment breakdowns, parts replacement, labor costs related to repairs, and equipment stoppages due to troubles.


Ultra-high performance multi-grade gear oil developed for construction machinery and heavy machinery used in harsh environments.

Lasts up to 4x longer than regular gear oil.

high core plus

Antirust and damage prevention agent for wire rope chains.

Due to the action of the extreme pressure additive, it penetrates well into the inside of the wire rope "strands" and creates a lubricating protective film to prevent rust, corrosion and damage.