May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: B-40



Exhibited products and services

New-generation 3D laser scanning system "Trimble X7"

The Trimble X7 is a terrestrial laser scanner that opens up a new era of "Simple, Smart and Professional" that breaks the conventional wisdom.
The unprecedented workflow provides "easy, accurate and efficient" work and high quality results even if you have no experience in 3D surveying.

■ Real-time automatic composition function
The Perspective software, which runs on the tablet PC "Trimble T10," uses unique logic to automatically and reliably acquire point clouds between stations with high accuracy. You can immediately check the point cloud acquired on site.

■ Auto-calibration function
Pre-observation instrument tilt detection and automatic tilt correction with 3″ accuracy (can be corrected up to ±10°),
Calibration of angle measurement/range measurement without using a target, collimation correction (horizontal/vertical axis, laser irradiation axis adjustment), correction of operating environment temperature and device internal temperature, brightness, device shake vibration, etc. Realizes high-precision scanning.

■ Annotation function
It is possible to give information to any place on site and link the position and information to the 3D point cloud.

GNSS receiver with integrated IMU antenna "Trimble R12i"

The Trimble R12i is a GNSS receiver with proprietary IMU technology, the Trimble Inertial Platform (TIP).

Easy and speedy high-precision observation without leveling
Even if the main unit is tilted, the receiver's orientation is automatically detected and the coordinate values of the tip of the pole are automatically calculated.
Since you can observe one after another while tilted, it is great for observation in hard-to-reach places such as cliff sides and places with poor footing, surveying work where you want to make quick observations, and observations in places adjacent to structures where leveling is not possible. Power.

■ Easy and high-precision image sharing of 3D models on-site by linking with the AR system
It can be linked with the ultra-high-precision outdoor AR system "Trimble SiteVision Rover".
By using the high-precision positioning data acquired by the R12i to display the 3D design data of pipes, buildings, etc. on-site in AR, it is possible to superimpose the reality and data on the screen, so it is possible to communicate with related parties. You can share construction images and communicate smoothly on site.

Powerful tracking servo TS "Spectra Geospatial Focus 50"

The servo total station "Spectra Geospatial Focus 50" achieves accurate and efficient observation with its unique linear motor and tilt correction system.

Powerful tracking with electromagnetic induction motor "MagDrive™"
The Spectra Geospatial Focus 50 can turn 90° per second with high speed and precision.
The main body rotates quietly and smoothly, and reliably tracks the movement of the prism. On-site observation of current conditions and piling work can be performed without stress.

■Unique tilt correction system always maintains horizontality even when installed on soft ground or for a long time
With a general total station, the angle display may fluctuate due to the sinking of the tripod, etc.
The Spectra Geospatial Focus 50 maintains a solid vertical axis with MagDrive, while SurePoint controls the amount of angular variability in real time to keep it near perfectly horizontal.
It exhibits stable accuracy even when installed on soft ground or for a long period of time, and can be used to significantly reduce installation time, making it effective for measuring slopes with large differences in height and for construction management of large structures.

"Boston Dynamics Spot + Trimble X7"

The Boston Dynamics Spot + Trimble X7 is a collaboration between Boston Dynamics' autonomous quadrupedal robot and Trimble's 3D laser scanner.

■Automatic acquisition of point cloud improves efficiency of point cloud measurement and real-time data analysis
The autonomous mobility of Spot and the control of Trimble's sensors have been brought together in FieldLink software.
While fully automatic or remotely controlling Spot, point cloud measurement and progress monitoring can be performed at harsh sites such as construction, civil engineering, infrastructure, and plants.
Automate repetitive tasks such as tallying.

Realize labor saving of digital twin with "Trimble X7", a 3D laser scanner that is self-contained on site
The 3D laser scanner "Trimble X7" is equipped with an automatic leveling function, eliminating the need for tilt adjustment by the operator. In addition, since the temperature and measurement distance are automatically calibrated, manual adjustment is unnecessary. Furthermore, since point clouds observed continuously are automatically combined, you are freed from editing work on site. These technologies make the X7 the perfect partner for Spot and save labor on site.

Helmet integrated MR device "Trimble XR10"

The Trimble XR10 is a device for construction sites that combines Microsoft's HoloLens2 with a helmet that meets the safety helmet standards and insulating protective equipment standards stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and a bone conduction headset. It is an innovation that can provide MR technology to various sites. solution.

■ Accelerate on-site DX with the cloud-based 3D model operation service "Trimble Connect MR"
In cooperation with cloud services, 3D models are quickly superimposed on the real space through the XR10. We will improve the efficiency of on-site work using 3D models.
Trimble Connect MR supports a wide variety of data formats, enabling batch management of data for each contractor involved in a project. By using 3D models, it is possible to “visualize” on-site issues that were latent with conventional methods, improving the quality of communication between staff and promoting efficiency of the entire project.