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Basic information

Indoor booth number: L-70
Department in charge: East Japan Sales Department
Zip code: 104-0033
Location: 1-23-4 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-4214-2000

Exhibited products and services

Wearable laser scanner "NavVis VLX"

Regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, 3D measurement is possible just by walking in an area where walking is possible. Areas that cannot be acquired by MMS or drones can be supplemented to every corner.
Equipped with two 600,000 points/second lidar sensors to acquire 3D color point cloud data, it is possible to perform high-definition measurement with a position accuracy of ±2 to 5 cm and a measurement accuracy of 6 to 20 mm.
The acquired point cloud data can be viewed and measured on a web-based basis by using "IVION" or "3D Point Studio".

[Example of measurement points indoors]
Factories/plants, buildings/condominium buildings, infrastructure facilities, underground spaces, ships, warehouses, etc.

[Example of measurement points outdoors]
Sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, riverbeds, dams/sabo, parks, mountain paths/promenades, ruins, etc.

Viewing and drawing software using point cloud data "Smart 3D Survey"

"Smart 3D Survey" is a software that can import all kinds of data such as laser-measured point cloud data, CAD data, and 360-degree images to create drawings.
Conventionally, the process of acquiring measurement data and plotting it outsourced can be done one-stop in-house by using "Smart 3D Survey", realizing efficiency and cost reduction.

[3D drawing function]
With "Smart 3D Survey", you can draw not only on the plane display point cloud, but also on the 3D rotation display.
Drawing is possible.
In addition, it is possible to draw on 360° photo images.

[Various display functions]
★The data acquired by MMS was viewed from the driving route displayed on the web map.
You can select a location to display point cloud data and 360-degree photos.
★In addition to point cloud data, distances, areas, etc. can be measured on photographic images, and measurement results can be used in other applications.
You can paste it into your application.
★ The acquired 3D point cloud data was displayed and plotted in longitudinal and cross sections at any position on the top view.
Data can be exported to DXF format.

Road surface condition measurement system "LCMS+MMS" that can acquire point cloud data at the same time

LCMS+MMS is a measurement system that adds road surface condition survey equipment (LCMS) to vehicles equipped with MMS. Simultaneous measurement of pavement deterioration/damage and 3D point cloud data around the road improves efficiency.・Cost reduction is realized.

Without the need for traffic restrictions, etc. during measurement driving, road surface images and cross-sectional profiles are acquired by driving surveys at legal speeds, and MCI and IRI are calculated from the crack rate, rut amount, and flatness.
The accuracy of detecting cracks with a width of 1.0 mm and a depth of 0.5 mm is a highly reliable survey method that has passed the performance confirmation test conducted by the Public Works Research Center.
By deploying the judgment results of road surface properties on GIS, it is possible to extract information on arbitrary locations and grasp the location of damage, which facilitates comprehensive maintenance and management.

By collectively managing the 3D point cloud data acquired at the same time in a database, it is possible to use it for surveys, planning, design, and maintenance related to roads, and it is possible to improve the sophistication and efficiency of the entire business.