May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: O-36
Department in charge: Business Development Headquarters 3rd Department IoT Service Manager
Zip code: 163-8019
Location: 3-19-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo NTT East Headquarters Building 21F
TEL: 03-5359-7555

Exhibited products and services

LTE compatible portable camera

Recommended for "on-site work" such as construction sites! !
"I can't know the situation at the site by phone or email" "It takes time and money to go to the site..."
It is a wearable camera that solves such problems.
Live shooting, call function, and recording are also possible from the site.
Waterproof/dustproof for outdoor use
◆ LTE / Wi-Fi communication is possible and no fixed line is required
◆Built-in battery for immediate use
◆ Recording and saving on the cloud with high security
◆ Real-time confirmation and conversation possible from a remote location
◆ Video data is automatically saved on the cloud for 30 days

Wearable Connect

\\\ "Safety and physical condition management" x "Business DX" with a wearable terminal ///

Using the wearable platform "Wearable Connect"
We will introduce a solution that realizes "safety and physical condition management" x "work DX" in on-site work.

Centralized management of heart rate and location information of field workers collected by wearable terminals, and information from various IoT sensors.
In the event of an anomaly, the person in question or the on-site manager will be notified.
It is also possible to send messages such as SOS messages from workers and messages from managers.
"Heatstroke countermeasures", "Tumble/stagnation detection", "Early detection and response when accidents occur", "Remote work instructions", "Visualization of location information", "Use in winter" at construction sites...
We can propose the best solution for various scenes. Please contact us by all means!

◆ Compatible with various wearable terminals including watch type
◆ Expandability through combination with a wide variety of sensors and systems
◆ Visualization of collected data and improvement of operational efficiency through AI analysis
◆ Customization according to customer's request is also available
◆Propose optimal terminals, network environments, and data utilization methods that suit the site

smart glasses

We introduce smart glasses that can solve problems in on-site work, such as travel time to the site, shortage of skilled workers, and work errors due to unclear instructions.
With this solution, field workers are equipped with smart glasses, and workers and supervisors can connect video and audio in real time. This allows supervisors to check the worker's perspective, enabling hands-free work while receiving appropriate instructions. It is also expected to reduce travel time.
We can introduce various devices according to the site environment and usage scene, so please stop by.

Omakase Dataless PC

"I want to introduce a PC for new employees, but I don't want to spend time on initial settings..."
"I urgently need a PC for telework, but I can't afford the initial cost..."
Do you have any troubles regarding PC introduction?
NTT EAST's rental PC with support "Omakase Dataless PC" supports the introduction and operation of PCs easily and safely.
Recommended for companies that want to introduce a PC but want to prepare without the initial cost or initial setup.
◆ With initial settings, it can be used immediately after the arrival of the PC
No initial cost required for monthly basis
Equipped with a secure dataless function as standard even when carried
◆Minimum software necessary for business is already installed
◆ Dedicated help desk leads to reduction of IT staff work
◆ Generous support for visiting settings
◆ Since it is a rental PC, even if it breaks down, it can be replaced by replacing the equipment

Omakase Hataraku Support

Recommended for "back office operations" in the construction industry and on-site! !
"It's troublesome to call to report attendance...I forget..."
“How should we manage labor in response to legal revisions?”
"Concluding contracts with business partners takes time and costs..."
It is a back office operation efficiency service that solves such problems.

【Attendance management】
◆ Check attendance status in real time by stamping with smartphone, PC, biometric authentication!
◆ Attendance management that complies with the “Work Style Reform Act” that will apply to the construction industry from April 2024 is possible.
[Electronic contract]
Reducing the cost of stamps, printing, mailing, and storage by removing paper and stamps
◆If you have an Internet environment and an email address, you can use it from anywhere.
Enables contract conclusion work
◆Don't worry if you don't have IT knowledge! NTT East provides generous support