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Makuhari Messe


Basic information

Indoor booth number: M-21
Department in charge: Safety Platform Division
Zip code: 334-0013
Location: 6-13-5 Minamihatogaya, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture
TEL: 048-485-8593

Exhibited products and services

"Connect System (both indoors and outdoors)" is a distribution system created exclusively for construction sites.

The connect system can also display camera display, poster display, on-site weather information, and sling inspection colors (more than 20 on-site content), and complete on-site information on a single monitor.
You can choose between a monitor that you prepare on site and a Questa monitor (touch panel type for 32-inch to 65-inch / LED monitor for 91-inch and above).
Last year, it was No. 1 for installation at the staff room. Usually, the staff printed the drawings and the photo information of the site on behalf of the craftsmen.
With the introduction of the connect system, craftsmen will be able to obtain information by themselves with simple touch operations, and they will be able to print drawings themselves.
If you introduce it as a morning meeting signboard, you will realize a lively morning meeting that has not been realized so far and thorough information sharing.

Japan's only signage for construction sites "Safety monitor (for morning assembly signs)"

Recommended for those situations where you can't distribute iphones and androids to everyone but want to prepare an outdoor monitor.
In addition to more than 20 on-site contents such as radio gymnastics, on-site weather information, and sling inspection colors,
It is one that realizes construction management application and decentralized morning assembly.
During the day, it also has a pop-up function that displays danger in conjunction with weather information.
There is a server in the cloud, and the display contents can be updated while staying in the office.

Digital signage for temporary enclosure made for construction sites "Neighborhood monitor"

It is a digital signage with a liquid crystal touch panel that can be posted on construction system diagrams and signs for temporary enclosures.
Many design settings are also available, and content that catches the attention of neighbors, such as fortune-telling and today's puns, can improve the image of your neighbors.
Apart from such content, it is well received that it is good to incorporate information that the site wants to send, such as the display of the weekly schedule, images, and PDFs.
Separately, if you attach a noise and vibration meter or a weather measuring instrument, the display of the measuring instrument can be completed with one monitor.
Available in 32 inch and 43 inch sizes.

"Cloud remote monitoring and measurement system" for automatic monitoring of manual on-site measurement

It is the best system for on-site management in the back office.
Automatic measurement starts just by clamping measuring instruments and communication devices.
While in the back office, an alert is displayed on the screen when it is dangerous,
Danger notification by e-mail is available as a function. A system developed for touch panels,
In addition to measuring instrument information, various information can be displayed, and it can also be used as an information bulletin board for the entire site.
It automates the work of going to check the data that was done every day and contributes to the reduction of on-site labor.

In the next generation, turning the electricity on and off remotely will become a matter of course. "JITAN switch"

Useless labor is solved with IT! It is an item for work style reform that realizes if the electricity can be turned on and off from a smartphone.
Electricity that used to be turned off can now be turned on and off from a smartphone.
Moreover, the hurdles for introduction are low, just connect to the existing distribution board.
We are happy to hear that it is very convenient not only for high-rise building sites and sites with many buildings, but also for small sites.
Questa also undertook temporary construction work, making it possible to introduce JITAN switches more easily.
Next-generation JITAN switches are equipped with (1) earth leakage detection function and (2) visualization of power consumption as standard.
It can also be used to review how electricity is used on site and to raise awareness of environmental considerations.