May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe

SUPER industrial

Basic information

Indoor booth number: F-74
Department in charge: Tokyo Branch
Zip code: 132-0021
Location: 4-15-13 Chuo, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Exhibited products and services

Perfect for washing the undercarriage of heavy machinery and watering demolition sites!

Until now, when it comes to washing the undercarriage of heavy equipment, it was customary for the washer to spray the underbody with a high-pressure washer.
This time, we have developed a product that can wash such work unmanned.
This makes it possible to safely and easily wash the undercarriage of heavy machinery.
In addition, we have developed an attachment that can also be used for dust countermeasures at demolition sites and water spraying work, so please take a look at it.

Adsorbs dust with static electricity and mist!

Never before.
Mist approaching dust.
Until now, the mist in dust countermeasures was mainly sprayed in a fixed direction and while swinging to settle the dust, but this product generates static electricity in the mist and sprays it to remove the dust. It is a product with a new idea that approaches and adsorbs.
With this, you can take measures against dust without waste.

Proposal for hot water weeding system!

A new concept of hot water weeding.
In the past, weeding work was mainly cut with a brush cutter, but weed removal at our company is root drying by spraying warm water.
Depending on how often you spray it with hot water, killing the roots can kill weeds in the area.
In addition, it does not use chemicals such as herbicides, so it is an environmentally friendly product.

The appearance of the motor-type sprinkler!

We have been selling engine-type large water sprinklers for dust countermeasures at demolition sites, but this time we have decided to propose 100V and 200V types as motor-type water sprinklers.
We would like to introduce two types of water sprinklers aimed at the middle layer, where engine-type high-pressure washers do not have enough spray distance, and large-size sprinklers have too much spray distance.
First of all, a sprinkler that can be used with an electric drum extension by adopting a 100V type SPW-1050 DC brushless motor. Vertical flight distance is 20m.
Next, it is also possible to put out two 200V type SPW-2200 discharges, and the vertical flight distance is 25m.
Also, both models are designed to be self-priming, so please take a look.

Take measures against dust with a mist that sprays up to 70m!

Super Large Mist Fan SFJ-6500
The mechanism in the 400V specification allows mist to reach a maximum of 70m and can be used as a dust countermeasure.
In addition, since remote control operation is also possible, it is possible to operate from a remote location.
It is also a recommended product for dust control in large outdoor areas.