May 24 (Wed), 25 (Thu), 26 (Fri), 2023



Basic information

Indoor booth number: K-68

Exhibited products and services

★Exhibition premiere★ Small sonic drill SD-75 (under development)

It has been downsized to expand the range of utilization of the high drilling capacity of the Sonic Drill.
It is a sonic head that has been developed with the aim of being active in multi-purpose applications.

We are currently developing it so that it can be used for geological surveys, anchor work, and grout work. Along with the miniaturization of the head, the size of the rig itself can also be expected to be reduced, making it a promising sonic drill head that can be used for construction work in narrow spaces. We are planning to install it on a new base machine so that it can be used in various construction projects.

It will be exhibited for the first time at the exhibition.
Please come and see the actual drill head.

・Head weight: about 650 Kg
・Head dimensions (L x W x H): 940 mm X 570 mm X 1,000 mm
(excluding drive adapter length)
- RPM: 0 – 98 RPM
・Rotation torque: Max. 3.0 kNm

★ Japanese market entry ★ Hydraulic cutting unit "ROCKWHEEL"

It can be used in various constructions such as demolition work, ditch work, foundation work, chipping work, mining, underwater work, tunnel work, blast furnace maintenance, landscaping work, and soil mixing.
With low noise and low vibration as one of the features, we expect that the field of activity will expand in Japan in the future.
We have models that can be installed on small excavators to 125-ton class hydraulic excavators.

*In addition to the standard model (twin cutter) shown in the photo, there are models such as a vertical hole cutting model and a road repair planer.

Sonic Drill SD-175 Fusion of Tone's boring know-how and overseas technology

The Sonic Drill (SD) is a machine that enables an epoch-making drilling method that applies rotation and high-frequency vibration to the tip of the bit through a technical tie-up with SONIC DRILL of Canada.
Compared to the rotary method, air hammer method, and rotary percussion method, the drilling capacity has been greatly improved and high-speed drilling has been realized.
In the field of renewable energy development, Sonic Drill contributes to construction efficiency improvement and construction period reduction in the introduction of geothermal heat utilization systems in public facilities, schools, hospitals, commercial facilities, etc.

・Machine gross weight: about 13,600 Kg
・Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 6,250 mm X 2,320 mm X 2,800 mm (8,315 mm when drilling)
・Rotation speed: 0-100RPM
・Rotational torque: forward rotation 4.9 kNm / reverse rotation 5.9 kNm
・Pressing force (feeding force): 98.0kN
・Push-up force (balance force): 98.0 kN

*Only the drill head is displayed at the exhibition.
・Head weight: about 1,100 kg
・Head dimensions (L x W x H): 960 mm X 743 mm X 1,376 mm
(excluding drive adapter length)

Super Probe SP-8000 Compact body and top-class specs

Adopting a special vibration mechanism, it is excellent in low noise and low vibration, and can excavate gravel and cobblestone layers by vibration. Machine. (Compliant with off-road law)
High-speed sampling in anhydrous conditions and the use of a double-pipe system enable sampling and well finishing at the same time.
We can propose safe and efficient work for geothermal research, production wells, and construction of heat exchange wells.

・Machine total weight: Approx. 7,000 kg (not including options)
・Machine dimensions (L×W×H): 6,300 mm X 1,650 mm X 2,600 mm (8,100 mm when drilling)
- RPM: 0-96RPM
・Rotational torque: Max. 5.4 kNm
・Pressing force (feeding force): 46.0 kN
・Push-up force (balance force): 98.0 kN
・Maximum vibration frequency: 4,000 RPM
・Maximum excitation force: 78.4 kN

* Only the drill head will be displayed at the exhibition.

Eco Probe TOP-ECO More than 150 units sold and trust

So far, we have built up a track record in soil contamination surveys, but even in today's diverse construction environments, it is a machine that has many opportunities to be introduced in order to reduce costs, etc. by shortening the construction period and ensuring safety and security.
As with the Super Probe, vibration can be used to speed up drilling and sampling with low-noise waterless drilling.
By ensuring a more compact design and a high degree of low noise, it is possible to work efficiently even in narrow urban areas where consideration of the surrounding environment is required.

・Machine total weight: Approximately 2,900 kg (not including options)
・Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 3,118 mm x 1,550 mm x 2,318 mm (3,810 mm when drilling)
・Rotation speed: 0-56RPM
・Rotational torque: 3.24 kNm maximum
・Pressing force (supply pressure): 20.0 kN
・Push-up force (balance force): 93.2 kN
・Maximum vibration frequency: 4,500 RPM
・Maximum excitation force: 44.1 kN

* Only the drill head will be displayed at the exhibition.