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TP Holdings

Basic information

Indoor booth number: C-44
Department in charge: Sales Department
Zip code: 562-0035
Location: 5F Wallman Building, 1-2-20 Funabahigashi, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture
TEL: 072-729-2690

Exhibited products and services

Domestic drone "SKY-Mapper Mark II"

SKY-Mapper Mark II is developed and manufactured in Japan with peace of mind.
Magnesium alloy is used for the airframe body, which significantly improves strength, rigidity, and weather resistance while being lightweight.
In addition, it supports waterproof protection structure and protection class IP23, and excellent dustproof and waterproof performance such as sudden flight in rainy weather can be used for various surveying sites.
A stable long flight boasting a maximum payload of 5 kg is also ideal for laser surveying.

Terrestrial LiDAR "LiBackPack DGC50"

The LiBackPack DGC50 is a backpack-type terrestrial LiDAR equipped with SLAM technology, GPS, a 360° camera, and two vertical and horizontal Velodyne VLP-16s.
Weighing only 10.3 kg, it is extremely effective in acquiring spatial information not only indoors and outdoors, but also from outdoors to indoors.
Also, by mounting it on a bicycle or motorcycle, it is possible to perform observations that acquire a wide range of data in a very short time.

Stereo photogrammetry monitor "3D PluraView"

3D PluraView offers revolutionary beamsplitter technology for the highest quality stereoscopic views in a desktop monitor.
Perfect for photogrammetry and GIS mapping as well as all stereo software applications in a very diverse field.

Compact and lightweight UAV-equipped LiDAR system "LiAir V70"

The LiAir V70 is a LiDAR survey instrument designed and manufactured for installation on lightweight UAVs and small unmanned aerial systems.
Equipped with the Livox AVIA laser scanner, it is one of the cost-effective LiDAR systems.
It can provide highly accurate 3D point cloud data and is ideal for applications in various industries, including forestry.
An optional high-resolution digital camera enables the generation of true-color 3D point clouds.