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Makuhari Messe

WorldLink&Company(SkyLink Japan)

Basic information

Indoor booth number: J-21
Zip code: 603-8053
Location: 98-2-2F Kamigamo Iwagakinaicho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Phone: 757082369



Exhibited products and services

UAV-equipped high-precision × wide-area LiDAR measurement and surveying solution

Our measurement and surveying solutions have three features: "high-precision and efficient surveying that utilizes our unique know-how," "response to diverse needs," and "simplified procedures through the provision of one-stop solutions." .
Fuwa Drone has been registered in the surveying company registration system, boasting over 150 survey results annually, and has built a nationwide network of high-quality pilots. We provide packaged high-quality UAV laser survey solutions based on our know-how backed up by a track record of proposals at various sites. In accordance with the issues at each site, we will promote proposals that meet customer needs, such as flights using domestically produced drones that take into consideration information security, and realization of ultra-wide-area surveying solutions using VTOL-type drones, as well as further social implementation of laser surveying. to promote One-stop outsourcing is possible from planning and measurement, data analysis, and report creation. You can choose the most suitable course according to your needs from the [Standard Course], [Quality Control/Standard Course], and [Wide Area Course]. The service price is set at a flat rate according to the size and distance, so smooth introduction is possible.

Post-processing high-precision positioning system using UAV "Precision Bachibachi-kun"

"Accuracy Bachibachi-kun" is a word that embodies the Kansai dialect of "bachibachi (= perfect accuracy)", which is a more familiar and easy-to-understand post-processing high-precision survey system "KLAU PPK". .
Eliminates three wastes: no need to set control points, no need for on-site network communication, and no need to sign a contract with a distribution company, thereby improving productivity.
The secret to achieving ±5 cm horizontal and vertical accuracy, which is the standard for public surveys set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, is the adoption of the PPK positioning method (Post Processing Kinematic). is. High-precision position information can be obtained by applying post-processing corrections to the data obtained on-site based on the position information from the electronic reference station. In addition, there are individual differences in the camera lenses installed in UAVs, and SkyLink's unique know-how is used to perform lens calibration to correct distortion and achieve an error of ±3 cm. SkyLink Japan's lens calibration service performs accurate adjustments one by one in a special field. It is also possible to take your UAV and camera and adjust it (for a fee).

3D Geospatial Information Platform "4DLinkCloud"

4DLinkCloud is a platform that provides accumulation and sharing of 3D geospatial information.
The role of 4DLink in constructing digital twins is to provide a viewing and collaboration environment for 3D models created and generated from data obtained from various input devices. The functions/APIs provided greatly reduce the development man-hours required to build a digital twin. In addition, technical support by GIS professionals and IT professional support support development.
A layer structure that enables the display of 2D base maps, 3D models, and dynamic/static real-time location information on a digital globe that enables a wide range of uses, from constructing digital twins using 3D models to consulting services in various industrial fields. ”, and ”displaying data with different coordinate notations in Japan and overseas on the same layer”.
It can be used in a wide range of industrial fields such as inspection (maintenance), construction (architecture and civil engineering), resource development and agriculture.
From free trial to full-scale introduction, we offer plans that meet the needs of our customers.