May 24 (Wed), May 25 (Thu), May 26 (Fri), 2023


Makuhari Messe

Excavator (RT120SL) for ultra-low clearance full rotary slide construction method

The product exhibited this time is a full-rotation type all-casing excavator, but it is a patented excavator that adopts a sliding method for discharging soil. Pile construction with a height limit of 3.1m is now possible at sites subject to height restrictions, such as under bridges and overpasses. In addition, by rotating the slide device 90 degrees, it is possible to select the direction of soil discharge, making it possible to construct piles close to the structure at the corners of the building. The excavation diameter is Φ1,200 mm, the casing push-in force is 397 kN, and the casing pull-out force is 981 kN. The standard maximum excavation length is 20m at Φ1,200mm, depending on the geology. The base machine type of the excavator is RT-120SL (Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.).

Yamamoto Basic Industry​
1-3-8 Joto, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-0861

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