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Demolition work / DX app Kaitai-kun

Demolition work / DX application Kaitai-kun is a DX application specialized in the demolition industry.

Not only cost management, but also cost analysis based on accumulated data, number of orders received for estimates, profit margin for each customer, etc. You can also manage customer lists, create quotations, order confirmations, and issue invoices.
In addition, attendance book management is also possible for employee data management as labor management. With centralized management of schedules, managers and clerical workers can see at a glance who is on which site.
Instructions and notes to the site can be accurately conveyed, and the situation at the site can be reported with photographs. In addition, there is a navigation function using Google Maps, a function to match invoice details from outsourcing, etc.
It's packed with features you'd be happy to have.

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