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RICOH360 Projects

RICOH360 Projects is a cloud service that allows you to link and organize 360-degree images taken with the 360-degree camera "RICOH THETA" on a drawing.

By sharing 360-degree images, which boast an overwhelming amount of information compared to 2D images taken with smartphones and digital cameras, among those involved in the construction site, it is possible to grasp the "now" of the construction site.
All information is managed in the cloud and can be shared with stakeholders in real time.

In addition, RICOH360 Projects has various functions.

  • A shooting function that allows you to easily shoot while linking to a drawing using a 360° camera "RICOH THETA" and a smartphone or tablet
  • A hand-drawn/annotation function that allows you to insert comments such as findings by hand-drawing or annotating images uploaded to the cloud
  • Comparison function that allows you to check before/after while comparing two 360° images
  • An export function that can extract 2D images for use in reports from 360° images
  • A link issuing function that can be easily shared by issuing URL links of 360° images to related parties
  • Orderer sharing function that allows you to control the images you want to share with the orderer, etc.

Simple and easy-to-use functions are enriched.
We will continue to implement various new functions according to customer requests.

First of all, please experience the 30-day free trial!

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