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3D-MG "Grade Metrix"

The 3D backhoe machine guidance exhibited this time is compatible with the conventional backhoe machine guidance and the backhoe type ground improvement machine, as opposed to the conventional (VR1000) dedicated to machines for medium and large machines.

This time, we will exhibit the VR500, which is compatible with small and medium-sized cameras. The VR500 is compatible with conventional normal boom machines, but it is also compatible with the industry's first offset boom (ultra-small swing).
In addition, we are considering the response to the swing boom and plan to exhibit it as a reference.

As a result, we can handle a wide range from 0.1m3 to 0.45m3, and in the future, we would like to develop a system with the aim of improving productivity to meet the needs of the site.

At our outdoor booth, we will be demonstrating a machine that supports offset booms, so please take this opportunity to visit our booth.

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