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EV Roller

◆ Efforts so far
In 1999, before carbon neutrality and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions became common, we started researching and developing a hand guide roller equipped with a lead battery and an electric motor, and explored various methods such as a hybrid with an internal combustion engine. I was. At CSPI-EXPO 2023, we will introduce two technologies: research machine 2, which is an improvement of the fully electric research machine 1 (battery-powered 4-ton vibrating roller) introduced last year, and electro-hydraulic system, which replaces the internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

◆ Method and features
The fully electric system has fewer parts that make up the vehicle and eliminates the filters and other parts related to the internal combustion engine and hydraulic equipment, resulting in improved maintainability. can be achieved. On the other hand, the electro-hydraulic system has few changes from the internal combustion engine, and can shorten the time to market.

◆ Future of EV Roller
In 2023, we plan to refine the electric rollers through trial use at actual construction sites, and after halving CO2 emissions in 2030, we plan to have all models of products that can achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050. .
Also, zero CO2 emissions is not a goal. We will develop efficient compaction technology and sensing technology using the control technology that we have refined through electrification, and strive to improve the quality of compaction, which is the essence of road rollers, and the efficiency of construction. In particular, we believe that improving the quality of road pavement will lead to improved fuel efficiency and safety for all vehicles running on completed roads, which will directly lead to carbon neutrality not only for our products and construction sites, but also for society as a whole.

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