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pile nav shovel

pile nav shovel
-Realization of ICT for daily use-

  • ❝Pile navigation❞ ICT construction machinery system
    ❝Pile navigation❞LN-150 can be used as a sensor for the machine guidance system.

  • Can be mounted on small excavators
    Since it can be attached to a small excavator with a mechanical mass of less than 6 tons, it can also be used for small-scale construction.
    It can be attached to various hydraulic excavators regardless of the manufacturer and size of the construction machine.

  • Compatible with swing boom (optional)
    By mounting the sensor in place, it corresponds to the swing boom. This enables more stable work, mainly when operating in narrow spaces or excavating near structures.

  • Achieves stable ICT construction accuracy equivalent to high-end models
    By adopting the LN-150 position sensor, stable work with high accuracy and good reproducibility is possible.

  • Easy handling without localization
    Pile navigation excavators do not require the localization work required for GNSS type ICT construction machines, so anyone who can use pile navigation and operate excavators can handle them.

  • ❝ Pile navigation ❞ From surveying to construction in one
    The LN-150, which can be used every day according to the purpose of surveying and construction, makes it possible to realize "everyday use of ICT" and contributes to the work style and productivity improvement at the site.
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