May 24 (Wed), 25 (Thu), 26 (Fri), 2023



Recruiting Exhibitors



Products and Services

Construction machine
Excavation machine
Transport machine
Ground leveling machine
Ground improvement machine
Road machinery
Tunnel machine
Road maintenance related equipment and services
Measuring machine / applied measuring instrument
NETIS products
Construction technology / construction method
Aerial work
Safety and security materials
Temporary equipment
Generator / Welder / Lighting equipment
Concrete equipment
Environmental measures
Temporary facility
Communication / video equipment
Software / Application
Other construction related hardware
Temporary staffing / consulting
Other products and services related to construction and surveying

Visitor target

  • Civil engineering
  • Surveying industry
  • Government office/ Local government office/ Independent administrative institution
  • Consultancy
  • Road/Highway
  • Maker
  • Trading company/Agency
  • Information and communication/IT
  • Demolition industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Architect office
  • School/Research institute
  • Other industry professionals


December 9. 2022
Deadline of the Primary applications
Exhibition space is limited. Please note that the space may filled even before the application deadline for the primary exhibition.
※If you wish to apply after December 10, please contact the secretariat. 
December 9. 2022
Early February 2023
Practical Exhibit Utilization Seminar
The exhibitor manual, which contains detailed information on regulations, applications, schedules, etc., will be distributed and the necessary preparations before the exhibition will be explained.
Early February 2023
Mid-February - March 2023
Submission of various documents
Please submit all the necessary documents that are listed in the exhibition manual. Booth location will be determined by the organizer in consideration of the categories of products being exhibited.
Mid-February - March 2023
Mid- March - May 2023
Start of promotions
The desired number of complimentary invitation tickets will be sent to each exhibitor free of charge. Please distribute them actively to existing customers, prospective customers, approaching customers, etc.
Mid- March - May 2023
May 22 (Mon) - May 23 (Tue) 2023
Move in and booth construction
May 22 (Mon) - May 23 (Tue) 2023
May 24 (Wed) - May 26 (Fri) 2023
Exhibition Period
May 24 (Wed) - May 26 (Fri) 2023
May 26 (Fri) 2023
After the exhibition, removal of booths
May 26 (Fri) 2023